Thursday, 25 July 2013

Who Are Rainbow Warriors

Rainbow warriors are young men and women who stand up and say - I am who I am and I don't care what anyone else says.

They are members of the LGBTS community who are out and proud or support others who are or would dearly love to be. Hang on, what do I mean LGBTS? Shouldn't that be LGBT, or whatever the politically correct version is at the moment? Well yes, if you're looking for exclusive labels. Personally, I don't like labels and, if I have to have them, I would like them to be inclusive thank you very much. And so I include straight people too. Everyone should stand under the Rainbow Flag, whatever their gender or orientation.

As a writer who has had the privilege to write for, read and talk to, gay people of all ages I feel strongly that one of the ways in which LGBT youth miss out, compared to their S contemporaries. They can't walk into a bookstore, or turn on a television set and expect to see people just like them.

Well, yes there are gay characters in soaps now, but what about kids programs? What about films? What sixteen year old wants to watch Brokeback Mountain so see Jake Gllenhall kiss some cowboy? Where is the Gay Percy Jackson? In literature where is the gay  Harry Potter, or Edward Cullen (although I have my suspicions about him)?

I can't do much about the film and television industry. I have no talent in screenwriting or film making. However I so, or so I'm told, have a talent in writing.

I plan to write young adult books with strong gay main characters. There is no smut or sex, although there will be kissing and swearing and some people might be made to throw up in a bucket by sweet moments. My characters are flawed, troubled and beautiful, like most teenagers, at least on the inside. They will go through trials and tribulations and will shed many tears along the way but they will find love and that love will be true and beautiful and gay.

I will do everything I can to get my books out there and into the mainstream. My ultimate dream is that my young LGBT friends can walk into a mainstream bookshop and find a book, mine or someone elses', right in front of them, not hiding on a shelf at the back, with characters just like them, characters who show the world that being gay doesn't mean being shameful.

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