Thursday, 14 November 2013

The Face in the Window - Awesome Review

Just got an awesome review from a reader and had to share it with you guys.

What a beautiful story. :heart:   But so painful near the end i had tears running down my face I could hardly read the words on the screen.  You truly have a unique and beautiful style of writing no matter what genre you write in. I think truthfully you are a Tally inside beautiful and brave and your writing shows that. I loved The two chapters at Uncle Colin's and i absolutely agree with Aces's description of him and Logan got away with murder his parents should have did a lot more to him other than "understand" him. Both boys were had been sheltered and hid away the difference was Ace's parents did the sheltering of Ace because of them being blind about their son and Haze was the one who hid himself away because of guilt and a deep sadness that he couldn't come to terms with.  But they both came out into the sunshine first Ace then Haze, I actually think that Ace got the better of the deal and it was easier for him than Haze. A truly beautiful book it reminds me of those pictures you see that are tiny pictured that when you first look at it seems to be a jumble then turn the page, blur your vision just a bit and a whole different picture springs from the page.  The story deals with abuse some physical, some mental and then you have the gay card thrown in but after sitting back wiping my tears the whole picture comes out and it was full of love.  Many types if love, disabling love like Ace,'s parents had for him, the abusive feelings that Nick and Logan had, though Nick did grow up eventually. Then there was the adolescent love even childish love that  Haze had with his childhood love, and finally the grownup romantic love that nurtured and strengthened Haze and Ace and allowed them to grow up and accept what they couldn't change and grab onto what they could.  Sappy I know but it really was a very unique and beautiful story and so totally a "Nephy delight" to read. thank you and I will now add Cheryl Headford to my list of favourite authors to watch out for. :glomp:   

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