Saturday, 23 November 2013

The Face in the Window - Giveaway and Review.

I should SO post in here more often. I've not been posting anywhere often lately. Busy Busy. With a kid who turns 13 tomorrow, and Christmas just around the corner, real life is getting in the way big time. My Christmas decorations went up today and I'll try to post pictures if I every work out how to upload them from my phone without having to go via facebook all the time.

The hamsters and cats don't know what hit them. Well, mostly the cats because hamsters can't really get tangled in tinsel - not unless you put some in their cage, which we wouldn't.

It was a cold wintry day, very pretty but damn cold and I took my son to the big city for a day out with his sister and her girlfriend. My kids went to the theatre together, then were meeting up with said girlfriend (who is utterly adorable and I love) after. Normally. I would have been more than happy when she asked if I'd like to go for coffee while my children were in the theater, however.... Today, I hadn't thought I'd be getting out of the car - just drop him and run - therefore, I was wearing my pyjama top. Thankfully, I'd changed my trousers and was wearing jeans. Nevertheless I did have a bright pink fluffy top with a Scottie dog on the front. No one turned a hair.

Well, on the way home, I stopped for a KFC. I knew a review of my new book was up today and I was literally cacking myself. It was like waiting for exam results. Then...there it was, lurking in my inbox, the link I was waiting for. 'Should I open it now?' I asked myself, 'or should I wait until I get home to avoid the inevitable melt down and in restaurant sobbing if it was a bad review.

Literally shaking almost too much to tap the screen I opened the email, then followed the link to the site. My heart was pounding and the BBQ wrap was slowly oozing all over the table.

When I read the review, I tried hard not to cry, but failed.

Read it here

Sid Love's Blog

For a chance to win a copy head off here and leave a comment.

To buy the ebook go here or to Amazon

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