Wednesday, 26 November 2014

The Face in the Window - Prequel in Weekly Flashes

I'm fortunate to have my first YA novel, The Face in the Window published by Featherweight Press Prior to this TFITW enjoyed great success on Gay Authors an online free story repository, lively forum and supportive community.

People fell in love with Ace and Haze as they fell in love with each other and I had such great fun writing about them. I got drawn into Ace's world and it fascinated me. Both my boys had lives before TFITW and neither of them were easy. When deciding I wanted to know more about the past I could have chosen either or both, but I decided to go with Ace, because he's the one who interests me the most, and Haze spent most of his time in a rage, or in mental health facilities trying to overcome it. Maybe that's a story for another time.

I've therefore decided to back in time two years and write about the fifteen year old Ace. How he came to be the strong, beautiful man he became.

From this week (tomorrow or Friday) I will be writing a flash of about 1000 words weekly telling Ace's story. If anyone is interested in contributing a flash I have no problem slotting their stories in, as I will be writing 'on the hoof' which means I will be writing the flash the day before, so if anyone has a contribution I can write around it.

For anyone interested in buying The Face In The Window, it has a whole page to itself with all the details, sales links etc.

Thank you for reading. I really hope you join me, and even help weave the story.

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