Friday, 6 November 2015

My top 8 animes

Hello people, 'tis Efan. Lately I've been watching a TON! of anime. And in my last blog I did a top 8 list of my favourite games, so I thought I'd do the same for anime. I promise this time there will only be 8 on this list. (I couldn't think of 10 so I was stuck with 8 :( )

My top 8 animes.

8) Yu-Gi-Oh. Yes, I went there, but you can't deny that when you were younger you LOVED this show, much as I did. There have been many variants of this anime. Some good, some not so. But the original was the thing that got me introduced into the larger medium of anime.

7) Pokemon. Yes,, let me explain myself. Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh may as well have had the same spot, it was and still is one of the most beloved animes and children cartoons to this day.

6) Naruto. Naruto was the first anime that I really got into. I used to stay up ridiculously late just to watch it, I loved the plot, the characters, just all of it! And it will always have a special place in my heart!

5) Galactic Football. I never really got into this, because they never showed the episodes in a coherent succession. But what I did see, and what I could piece together, I LOVED IT! I was young at the time, but this show wasn't entirely childish, and that's why I loved it so much. It  had a serious plot line and was just interesting!
4) Monster. Monster is a psychological thriller. It's terrifying. It's amazing, and just seriously worth a watch. It's hard to explain's 

3) Death Note. Death Note is a thriller. It's an amazing game of cat and mouse. The characters are memorable, the plot is SO interesting and larger than life. I love it!

2) Black Butler. This was VERY almost at the number 1 spot, and it was also the latest anime that I watched. This anime sways from serious to goofy very well. The plot line is interesting, the characters are memorable and interesting, and is definitely worth a watch!

1) Sword Art Online. I just LOVED this anime! It was great! least the first season was. But that first season was my favourite anime of all time! It's about people trapped in a virtual reality video game, and the twist is, if you die in the game, YOU DIE IN REAL LIFE! It's definitely worth a watch!

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  1. How could you have forgotten High School of the Dead!! The only place where breasts are able to defy the laws of physics... and nature!!