Thursday, 12 November 2015

NaNoWrimo 2015 Day 12

Things are going slowly. Far more slowly than usual. I'm struggling to write, but we're getting to a good bit so I hope things will flow better from now on. I'm on track, but used to writing five or six thousand words in a sitting. Ah well. Up to 26,600 so no real complaints

They walked in silence back through the arbour and through the garden. Wisp carried the globe in his closed hand. Tay could feel its presence, pulsing in his consciousness, turning his thoughts purple and pink. As much as he’d told Wisp not to ask how or why, that’s all he could do, not that the how was anything like as important as the why. There had been something deeply personal in the power that coursed through him and created the globe. In that moment the only things that existed in his world were the flame and Wisp. Why was he that important?

 Something crawled in the back of his mind; a memory? A thought? A feeling? Why did it make him think of Cale? “Oh shit.”

“What’s wrong?”

Tay hadn’t realized he’d spoken out loud, and he swallowed heavily. “Nothing. I’m fine. I…I was just thinking of Cale.”

“That’s your friend? The demon?”

“He’s not a demon. He’s just kind of…fused with one. He’s not dangerous.”

“Oh, he’s dangerous. There’s no doubt about that. He’s dangerous. The only question is, to whom?”

“Not to us.”

“You sound very sure.”

“I know Cale. He’s my best friend. He would never hurt me.”

“He’s not the same.”

“He is. He is the same.”

“I hope so.”

Silence fell again, but Tay’s thoughts had been torn from the path they had been following and were now fixed on Cale. More than ever, he longed to have his friend at his side. If Cale had been there, they would have been laughing about something – probably Wisp. It would have been Cale he made the globe for. Or would it? That ball hadn’t been meant for a friend. Not just a friend.

Cale’s last words echoed in his mind, and he shook them off. No. He was not going to think of that, of anything like that, especially not with Wisp. Maybe he was gay and maybe he wasn’t. Maybe something could have happened with Cale if he hadn’t been straight, or maybe it couldn’t. There was the remotest of chances something could have sparked with Willow…well maybe not. But Wisp? No chance. Not going down that road. No way.

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