Tuesday, 15 December 2015

On Being Fat, Brown, Femme, Ugly and Unlovable

I think the following article is something many people will identify with. It's a real issue in this society where image is everything and the ideal of the thin, white, symmetrically beautiful man, or woman, is still being flaunted, leading to many young people, in particular, who can't match up, to feel bad about themselves and falling into a cycle of self hatred and insecurity.

This leads in to a lot of discussion I've seen lately among the LGBT writing community, about objectification of men in the stereotypes they are writing about. 

Although there is a growing trend of writing characters who are 'less than' the norm, being physically, mentally and socially 'inferior' there is still a tendency, as can be seen on the front covers of many books, to write about, macho men, with perfect abs and muscles.

I have to admit I am as guilty as many of writing my own physical ideals. Almost all my characters are beautiful, with long hair and slender frames. I think it's because I find it easier to write my fantasies, which are populated with this kind of man.


I would love to have feedback and opinions on the subject and to open a discussion which can hopefully lead to an understanding that people who are fat, brown (or any other colour) and femme (or any other identification) are totally not ugly and not unloveable

Saturday, 12 December 2015


I have been very excited about today, when I can finally reveal to everyone the amazing cover of my new YA novel, Shade's Champion, so, without further delay...

Author Name: Cheryl Headford

Book Length 214 Pages

Book Name: Shade’s Champion

Release Date: 18th December 2015

Cover Art by: Kellie Dennis: Book Covers by Design


Shade has been kept in the dark for eight long years. Now he’s facing a world that terrifies him. A world that seems to hold no place for him.

When the authorities are unable to find a home for Shade, Penny, reluctantly accepts him into the secure school she manages, despite thinking it’s the wrong place for him. Penny fears for his safety among the other troubled children. In an attempt to forestall the disaster she predicts will happen she appoints one of them as his champion.

Dory, an engaging seventeen year old with mental health issues, is proud to be chosen as Shade’s champion and throws his heart and soul into the job. In doing so he is forced to face the thing he fears most – his own emotions.

An unexpected friendship begins to grow into something more, until a spiteful act tears them apart and leaves them broken.

When Dory falls ill, Shade is forced to face his demons and struggles to find the strength and courage he needs to fight for the right to love, and to be there for his champion when he needs him most.

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Cheryl was born into a poor mining family in the South Wales Valleys. Until she was 16, the toilet was at the bottom of the garden and the bath hung on the wall. Her refrigerator was a stone slab in the pantry and there was a black lead fireplace in the kitchen. They look lovely in a museum but aren’t so much fun to clean.

Cheryl has always been a storyteller. As a child, she’d make up stories for her nieces, nephews and cousin and they’d explore the imaginary worlds she created, in play.

Later in life, Cheryl became the storyteller for a re enactment group who travelled widely, giving a taste of life in the Iron Age. As well as having an opportunity to run around hitting people with a sword, she had an opportunity to tell stories of all kinds, sometimes of her own making, to all kinds of people. The criticism was sometimes harsh, especially from the children, but the reward enormous.

It was here she began to appreciate the power of stories and the primal need to hear them. In ancient times, the wandering bard was the only source of news, and the storyteller the heart of the village, keeping the lore and the magic alive. Although much of the magic has been lost, the stories still provide a link to the part of us that still wants to believe that it’s still there, somewhere.

In present times, Cheryl lives in a terraced house in the valleys with her son and menagerie of three cats, a dog and a dragon. Her daughter has deserted her for the big city, but they’re still close.

Immersed, as always, in the world of fantasy, she maintains a burning desire to share the stories and these days it’s in the form of books which all contain her spark and unique view on life, the universe and everything

Twitter: @SevenPointStar


I have two copies of the ebook to give away to randomly selected commenters on the Shade’s Champion cover reveal or blog post on my website http://cherylheadford.com/

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Rainbow Snippets

My Silver is curious about what this Rainbow snippets is all about. Well... Every Saturday all members of the group who are authors, will post a six sentence snippet here and then post the link in the group page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/RainbowSnippets/966491153420947

On Sundays, reader members will check out the snippets and comment on the ones that interest them. So, once you've read my snippet and loved it, go read the others and get your comment head on.

This snippet is from my new book, Shade's Champion which is to be released on 18th December

“Yeah. Yeah there’s good out here.”

Before he knew what he was doing, Dorien had taken Shade’s face between his hands and was kissing him gently. Shade sighed and relaxed into his arms. It felt good. It felt really good. Surely this couldn’t be wrong. It just couldn’t be wrong to feel like this, to feel so... shivery and open and full of... something, and for the first time since he could remember, he just let himself feel, and it was the greatest thing ever.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

COVER REVEAL The Covenant by M LeAnne Phoenix

CoverThe Covenant E-Book Cover with logoAuthor Name: M. LeAnne Phoenix
Book Name: The Covenant
Series: Covenant Series Book: One
Release Date: January 15, 2016 
Publisher: CoolDudes Publishing

Cover Artist: Kellie Dennis

Blurb: When love is forbidden, who can you trust? Seventeen year old David has been best friends with Jonathan for as long as he can remember, but the day he sees the pastor's daughter press a soft kiss to Jonathan's cheek everything changes. Overcome by jealousy, his explosive reaction reveals a deeper connection that sends their relationship spiraling down into dangerous territory. 

When their clandestine love is discovered, they have nowhere to turn for help. The brutal circumstances of their parting test David and Jonathan's covenant to each other in unimaginable ways.

Forced to face their fears, it is in their darkest moments that the two young men discover that the courage, hope, and strength they need to to fight for their love, has been the foundation of their covenant all along.