Saturday, 6 February 2016

Efans amazing guide to: Roleplay

Greetings people, 'tis me! Efan! And I have returned once again to bring you a new fabolous blog! Of what you may ask? Good question sir/madam! Today, I am bringing you...Efan's Amazing Guide To: ROLEPLAY!!!!!

I am what some may call. a "Lore Whore" meaning I love the Lore and stories of the particular game I choose to play at the time, and what do I love more? Role Play! Yes, I absolutely love role play (or RP for short), and my favourite game to RP in is, World Of Warcraft, one of my favourite games of all time! And I absolutely love the WoW (Short for World Of Warcraft) role play! "Now" you may be asking, "How does one begin their life as an roleplayer?"

Well, it's lucky that you're reading my guide, although it will just be a quick overview, I won't be going to in-depth, I will just give the need-to-know basics. So, here we go!

The first thing you need to know is the lore (or back-story) of you're particular race, class, and faction. I will obviously be using WoW for my examples (I'm sure you'll be able to find lore resources for your particular game/s) For learning lore for WoW I highly reccommend you watch some of Nobbel87's videos, (Whom I shall link at the end of this) and DoronsMovies (Whom I shall also link). 

So, now you know enough about you're chosen race, class, and faction, what now?

Find a suitable RP server, most MMO's (such as WoW) will have dedicated RP servers. I would recommend looking into the most active RP servers in your region. (Argent Dawn if you're EU, Moon Guard if you're US) 

Next, you'll want to develop a suitable backstory for you're character. (Appearance, history, name etc.) If you're playing WoW, I recommend a add-on called, My Roleplay, which will allow you to create a detailed back-story and appearance description, and also allow you to see the descriptions of other people with the same add-on.

You should never break character when talking in game, even to NPC's or thinking out loud. If in a group or guild, check with the group/guild leader whether they require private chats talk to be in or out of character. It is good etiquette if you are speaking out of character to precede dialogue with 'ooc'

If you're interested, you may want to look into joining a RP guild (once again WoW reference). 

Things you should NOT do:

Do Not:

GodMode (Create a character that's somehow superior to everyone else)
Grief (Get all bitchy when something doesn't go your way)
InstaKill (Just straight up kill someone else's character without prior conversation)
Take Things Personally (Don't get personally offended when someone says something to your character. Remember, they're RPing just like you are!)

I hope you enjoyed this Blog, and I hope you learned something!

Happy RPin'!


WoW Lore Site:

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